How to Build Mini Sand Trays for Your (School) Counseling Room

I cannot take credit for actually preparing these mini sand trays that are now in my possession. One of my very dear colleagues used these sand trays and many of the miniatures for her research project for grad school. When she was finished, she so generously donated them to me for my play room.

I can speak first hand about their making because I am also proud to say that this dear colleague is one of my best friends and so I was there (watching) with her the whole time.

Setting Up Mini Sand Trays

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The Importance of Play in Elementary Schools

I was recently published in the International Journal of Play Therapy for my research done during my graduate work at the University of Saint Thomas. I focused my research on the effectiveness of using play activities during small group lessons to help improve appropriate classroom behaviors. I wish I could freely share my research here, but I think the IJPT wouldn’t appreciate that much. Please take some time to look for it though. The article title is Examining the Use of Play Activities to Increase Appropriate Classroom Behaviors. Below I have given you excerpts from the unedited version of my manuscript, including all the research I did on people who previously utilized play in schools. Continue reading →

The Power of Red

Part 3 . . .

I promised you a changed life by Wednesday . . . well my busy work life took over and now you might consider me some what of a liar . . . oh well, I have my shield up . . . don’t know what that means? Lucky for you I’ll tell you all about my shield. Continue reading →

The Power of Suggestion

Part Two  . . .

Self-Care for People Who Care

Each of these posts (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) work together. You need the relaxation techniques from yesterday to complete today’s techniques, and you’ll need today’s techniques in the front of your mind for tomorrow’s grand finale!

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.40.57 PM

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Why I Turned Down The Opportunity of a Lifetime . . .

I recently read an article in Psychology Today that talked about reinventing yourself. It hit home  . . .

True to form, I am just as reactive to situations as any good six year old boy. I see it every day, I’m asked about it everyday . . . how do we get student A to start thinking and stop being so impulsive? In these situations, I have all sorts of tricks and ideas as to why these students are impulsive, how to get them to stop acting and start thinking, but when it comes to myself  . . . . when the going gets tough, I have a horrible track record of jumping ship.


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Organizing . . . My Computer!

I decided to start off my 2013-2014 school year by organizing my thumb drive! To anyone who knows me, this should not come as a surprise. Except, I quickly figured out I was not made for computer work!

Last year, in my attempt to make it through my first year as a counselor, I was not overly conscious of how I was organizing all of my counseling documents, lessons, activities, forms, data, accommodations,etc . . . BUT, especially my lessons!

So this year, I decided to go back through my thumb drive and start organizing all of my lessons, activities, etc.

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SMART Goal-Setting

A while back in 4th and 5th grade, we worked on appropriate goal-setting.

After working with my study skills group for a few months I realized that they had trouble making realistic and appropriate goals for themselves. They either made goals that were WAY too difficult, therefore leading to inevitable failures, or they didn’t trust their own abilities and made goals that were extremely easy. Continue reading →