School Counseling

Classroom Lessons


Character Traits


A Determined Engine and Courageous Caboose – A 1st grade lesson about determination

Communication Skills

Bucket Fillers of All Ages – A lesson to teach respect across all grade levels. Great for the start of the year!

Howard B. Wigglebottom – A 1st grade lesson teaching students how to be good listeners

I Really Am A Star – A Kindergarten lesson introducing and understanding many different feelings

Happiness – A Jellybean Jamboree Kindergarten lesson about happiness

Emotional Eugene is One Sad Jellybean – A K lesson about how being sad is okay, but also knowing ways to make yourself feel better 

Counselor Introduction Lessons

It’s Just Me and Mr. Potato Head

Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, Goal Setting

Interpersonal Effectiveness

The Bully’s Back in Town – No Tolerance for Disrespect

Teamwork – A 4th grade lesson on teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration.

Procrastination is Truly an Art Form – A 2nd grade lesson about using words that help rather than hurt friendships. This lesson is featured on the Enemy Pie website!!!

To Have Good Friends . . .  – A 3rd grade lesson focused on the power of words.

Button Makers and Recipes – A 3rd grade lesson focused on how to be a good friend and recognizing the qualities we want in friends

Friendship Candy Game – A 1st grade lesson about knowing how to manage difficult friendships

Loyalty – Knowing that loyalty is part of being a responsible friend

Friendship Bugs – A 3rd grade lesson admitting to things that “bug” us in friendships

Motivation to Achieve

A Modern Game of Concentration – A 4th grade lesson practicing the importance of concentrating on work and eliminating distractions

Responsible Behavior

Say You Are Sorry, And Mean It! – A 4th grade lesson understanding the importance of an apology

Words that Hurt or Hurt Friendships – A 1st grade lesson helping students to understand the power of their words and knowing what to say (and what not to say) to a friend

Self-Confidence Development

Study Skills

Individual Sessions

General School Counseling

School Counseling Brochures

1st Day Down – A day in the life of your very first day on the job!

To-Do Lists – Creating a list of the small tasks throughout your day

Class Books – An easy way to display student work

My Philosophy 

Small Group Lessons

Lunch Bunch

New Knight Lunch Bunch – Small group lunch activities for new students

Social Skills

Jungle Fun! – A rapport building game

Counseling Resources

Books and Bucket Fillers – Have you filled a bucket today?

Jellybean Jamboree – Life Skill Units for Young Children PreK-2

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