Protein Pancake Variations

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been working on a healthy mind and body this summer. As part of this, I joined the Tone it Up Community and have been loving all the added support.

On top of encouraging members and awesome workouts, Tone it Up has the absolute best healthy pancake recipe. I have made a zillion combinations and variations of these pancakes. They aren’t even sinful! I thought I would share my two favorite variations today.

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Parent Tip Tuesday: Social-Emotional Development

Helping parents develop confident

Does anyone else lose track of the days during the summer? I certainly do, which might explain why I keep missing out on Tuesdays!

Either way, a couple weeks ago I received my new preschool curriculum . . . Kimochis. The Kimochis program is based on research done on the effectiveness of social-emotional learning during early childhood. Their research is so compelling, I thought I would share some important points. Continue reading →

Parent (and Educator) Tip Tuesday: Love and Logic

I have graciously taken on the relaxation and lack of responsibility summer brought me . . . but after supervision last night I realized I should probably get back to providing some summer reading for those of us needing professional development hours.

Helping parents develop confident

My post today is advocating for one of my favorite all time “programs” I was trained in as a 2nd year teacher in Colorado. So this post today isn’t just for parents, but for teachers and educators, as well. I loved Jim Fay’s philosophy so much I became a Love and Logic trainer/presenter approximately 4 years ago. Continue reading →

Parent Tip Tuesday: How to Play with Your Child

Helping parents develop confident

There is no hiding my passion for play. I’ve written in the past about how important free, child-directed play is in the development of children. As a counselor, I have been trained in many play therapy techniques. I’ve read the literature, I’ve gone to the classes, I’ve watched the videos, I have spent the past 9 years preparing myself to play with children in such a way that promotes their development socially and emotional. Continue reading →

Listening with the Heart

There is chart, after chart, after chart of information regarding which gains or milestones a child must hit in their development. Most parents and schools are concerned with cognitive and physical development. Can my kid read when he’s suppose to? Was he an early walker?

There is no doubt that hitting milestones in cognitive development is important, but focusing only on this aspect isn’t looking at the big picture of development. What about play development? Social and emotional development?

As school counselors and play therapists, our whole profession is focused on developing these critical areas of child development. The most overlooked part of a developing child is their ability to play and their ability to relate. I say it all the time, but I’ll say it again. Despite our best efforts, children will not learn how to play or how to relate if you don’t teach them!

A HUGE developmental milestone for school-aged children is the development of empathy.

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