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There is a point in every school counselor’s life when everything begins to pile up. It’s at this very moment that we realize our creative lesson planning has taken a back seat. 

I was trying to think what I needed most during these times. READY TO USE LESSONS! I needed a place where I could go that would have everything I needed in one place. And not just a creative, cutesy lesson, but one that built on our ASCA mindsets and behaviors  AND also hit all my students’ social-emotional goals. 

Well that’s exactly what I’ve decided to offer you! You see I may not be in the school every day any more, but every day I do hear how much my lessons made a difference and how much my kiddos miss me. So, if I can’t use them, someone should! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Subscribe to my blog via your email so that you don’t miss my “surprise” lesson bombs. 
  2. At some point each month, I will either give you a free lesson to use or a game or a worksheets or a tip or a deal for my consulting services (via phone, person, or email) . . . you never know what you might get, but help and ease is a definite! 
  3. Just sit back, relax, print, and teach . . . 

So let’s get down to what you’ve been waiting for! First, I want to explain the components of each lesson. This way you know exactly what to expect each time a lesson ends up in your inbox! 

Lesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop

You’ll notice a few things about my cover page of each lesson:

  1. My company name is front and center. This is so you always remember who gave you the lesson, but also how to contact me! Contact info is also found on the very last page of the lesson plan pack. I don’t want to ever send you off to teach a lesson you don’t feel equipped to teach. So, I’m here for you! ALWAYS!
  2. It will always state which character trait you are practicing and which order they are in. For example, this lesson is focused on grit and grit is the first lesson in the bundle. Lesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop
  3. You will see how I/me and my students define each character trait. This helps you find some language to help you, as well. 

Lesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop

After the cover page, comes the lesson overview. Let’s highlight what’s here for you!

Lesson Overview:

  1. ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors are listed out right there for you. No guess work. I have worked very hard to be sure each and every mindset and behavior is covered throughout the entirety of a year. Therefore, if you follow my lessons or seek my help in anyway, you can be rest assured that we have done our due diligence over here to get you lessons that cover everything ASCA asks us. Lesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop
  2. Objectives, Essential Question, Materials. Again, I want to set you up for success. That means we have a purpose for what we teach, we have a way to evaluate if our students have learned the content, and we have all the materials ready to go at the start of each lesson.Lesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop
  3. Evaluation and Follow-Up. Not only do I provide you with an essential question to guide the learning and assessment, but I’ve provided you with 3 different ways to measure student mastery. If you want a program that defends itself, provide more data than the school can argue with and show it to everyone you know! And of course, sometimes we need reinforcement or your classes are 45 minutes long instead of an hour. So, I will always provide you with a follow-up activity. 

Lesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop

The whole overview looks like this:Lesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop

Next, we find the actual lesson. The meaty bit.

Lesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop

The entire lesson itself is made up of 4 pieces that include accompanying activity pages and follow ups. 

What’s in a Lesson Plan?

  1. Activate Prior KnowledgeLesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop
  2. Introduction of the Character TraitLesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop
  3. Direct InstructionLesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop
  4. Grade Differentiation or Student Practice and ImplementationLesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop
  5. Accompanied Activity Pages
  6. Follow Up Activities or Games

An entire lesson plan layout looks like this. Lesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop

Be sure to download this lesson in PDF so you have all the materials printed out and ready to go!

Lesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop year-1-grit-lesson

If you need me for anything else, don’t hesitate to email! Remember I’m here for you. And don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you and your students think!

Lesson Help is Here! The Counselor Stop      


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