Protein Pancake Variations

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been working on a healthy mind and body this summer. As part of this, I joined the Tone it Up Community and have been loving all the added support.

On top of encouraging members and awesome workouts, Tone it Up has the absolute best healthy pancake recipe. I have made a zillion combinations and variations of these pancakes. They aren’t even sinful! I thought I would share my two favorite variations today.

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New name! But Why?!

Before starting this blog in 2012, I was a first year school counselor, a grad student, member of a professional dance team, and a side artist. I had little time and quickly became frustrated with the lack of resources I was finding out there for busy school counselors like myself. I started the blog in hopes of helping others around me with similar issues. Continue reading →

What Does it Take to Be A Good Friend?

When we are little, we are taught throughout all our young lives how to be a good friend. We are praised for including others, disciplined for leaving others out. Thumbs up for sharing, thumbs down for calling a friend a name.

As a kid, everyone you meet is your friend. You instantly engage in play, you laugh, you run, and you literally lose all your cares. Not a single child is on the playground thinking about what someone might think of him, how long that friendship will last, will they turn their back on you, or will they truly be there through thick and thin. Carefree friendships are a childhood treasure. Continue reading →

The Power of Red

Part 3 . . .

I promised you a changed life by Wednesday . . . well my busy work life took over and now you might consider me some what of a liar . . . oh well, I have my shield up . . . don’t know what that means? Lucky for you I’ll tell you all about my shield. Continue reading →

Summer in Colorado =

Spence, Ocean, and I just got back from a 10 day excursion to Colorado. And by we just got back I mean we got back 5 days ago and it’s taken me that long to figure out how to live in Houston again, how to organize my life, and most importantly, it took me that long to catch up with 3 great friends all of Wednesday!

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