Parent Tip Tuesday: My Top 5 Favorite Home Schooling Activities

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I have a few friends who are former teachers and are now amazing stay-at-home moms, who have decided to home school their children. Just thinking about how awesome teaching is and seeing all those little light bulbs spark each day; and then to think about the same thing happening with your very own children, I can only imagine the joy these friends must feel. These amazing stay-at-home moms are my inspiration for today’s post.  Continue reading →

Parent Tip Tuesday: When to Talk to Your Child’s School Counselor

It was reported by the U.S. Department of Education that many teachers say they don’t often receive information about problems at home from their student’s parents. I think many teachers, counselors, and administrators would agree. But, on the flip side, parents often report that they don’t know what the school expects from them, as parents. It’s a tough balance to know just what information to share with your child’s school and knowing when you may have over shared. In general, anything you can share, as a parent, helps schools become better prepared to meet your child’s specific needs. So the questions remains, when exactly do I contact the school about problems my child may be experiencing?

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Parent Tip Tuesday: Social-Emotional Development

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Does anyone else lose track of the days during the summer? I certainly do, which might explain why I keep missing out on Tuesdays!

Either way, a couple weeks ago I received my new preschool curriculum . . . Kimochis. The Kimochis program is based on research done on the effectiveness of social-emotional learning during early childhood. Their research is so compelling, I thought I would share some important points. Continue reading →

Parent (and Educator) Tip Tuesday: Love and Logic

I have graciously taken on the relaxation and lack of responsibility summer brought me . . . but after supervision last night I realized I should probably get back to providing some summer reading for those of us needing professional development hours.

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My post today is advocating for one of my favorite all time “programs” I was trained in as a 2nd year teacher in Colorado. So this post today isn’t just for parents, but for teachers and educators, as well. I loved Jim Fay’s philosophy so much I became a Love and Logic trainer/presenter approximately 4 years ago. Continue reading →

Parent Tip Tuesday: How to Play with Your Child

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There is no hiding my passion for play. I’ve written in the past about how important free, child-directed play is in the development of children. As a counselor, I have been trained in many play therapy techniques. I’ve read the literature, I’ve gone to the classes, I’ve watched the videos, I have spent the past 9 years preparing myself to play with children in such a way that promotes their development socially and emotional. Continue reading →

Introducing Parent Tip Tuesdays!

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I originally started this blog for school counselors. As I evolved and fell more and more in love with play therapy, I extended my knowledge to include play therapy activities and ideas for school counselor and clinical counselor use. Then, I hit my 3rd year as a counselor and I started feeling the burnout. I was tired all the time, I was dragging my student worries home. I would think about my students all night, often dreaming about what I “should have done.” That’s when I decided to focus a third of the blog to counselor self-care. Continue reading →