The Importance of Play in Elementary Schools

I was recently published in the International Journal of Play Therapy for my research done during my graduate work at the University of Saint Thomas. I focused my research on the effectiveness of using play activities during small group lessons to help improve appropriate classroom behaviors. I wish I could freely share my research here, but I think the IJPT wouldn’t appreciate that much. Please take some time to look for it though. The article title is Examining the Use of Play Activities to Increase Appropriate Classroom Behaviors. Below I have given you excerpts from the unedited version of my manuscript, including all the research I did on people who previously utilized play in schools. Continue reading →

A Pile of Mixed Feelings

Who said boys shouldn’t be able to express their feelings? Who said they should hold them up tight and ignore them? Who said they can’t cry or punch a pillow? Who said that they should wait until they are overflowing with emotion to let it all go? Continue reading →