The Power of Red

Part 3 . . .

I promised you a changed life by Wednesday . . . well my busy work life took over and now you might consider me some what of a liar . . . oh well, I have my shield up . . . don’t know what that means? Lucky for you I’ll tell you all about my shield. Continue reading →

The Power of Suggestion

Part Two  . . .

Self-Care for People Who Care

Each of these posts (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) work together. You need the relaxation techniques from yesterday to complete today’s techniques, and you’ll need today’s techniques in the front of your mind for tomorrow’s grand finale!

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The Power of Relaxation

Once again this year I attended the TCA Conference with my dear colleague who also works as a counselor in a private Catholic school. I was initially looking forward to going just to spend some quality “consulting” time with her in a city 4 long hours away . . . Dallas.

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Choosing Friends

I did a more advanced lesson about this in 4th grade a couple years back. The lesson had them think more globally, than my current 1st grade lesson. It wasn’t at all my favorite lesson I’ve ever done and in fact, I don’t think I even wrote about it. But this lesson on the other hand . . . MUCH better . . . maybe just more age-appropriate, but who knows.

I picked this lesson from Puzzle Pieces because I thought it was a good explanation about our responsibility to appreciate others, especially those who are different than us (and as my boys know . . . our differences are what make us special). We know what is special about ourselves. So how do we find what’s special inside each of our classmates? Continue reading →