What Does Self-Respect Have To Do With Group Norms?

This year I became an adivsor for our middle school boys. I know it sounds crazy, but as a school counselor in a PreK-8th grade school, I hadn’t been permitted to work with our middle school students until this year. Remember it’s a year of change and I LOVE CHANGE! Continue reading →

My World of Colorful Feelings

More change happened for me yesterday . . . not a major change, unless you considering buying a new book major change.

I bought, Puzzle Pieces: Classroom Guidance Collection, a collection of character education lessons for K-5. I was looking to add some extra lessons into my 2nd grade repertoire before I began with my Connecting With Others lessons (my modified lessons from this book can be found here, here, here, and here). I figured before we start focusing on personal space, empathy, and caring, we should probably begin talking about different feelings and things that make us feel different ways. Puzzle Pieces has a great (well the verdict is still out . . . I’ve only done one lesson, which was great) unit on feelings. Continue reading →

Fresh Start

I started my 3rd year as school counselor with a fresh new room (well really I just rearranged the furniture) and fresh new lessons.

I am extremely blessed to have such a large room to be working in, but at times (during these past two years) it turned into a race track. With no division of work space and play space, my computer area turned into a tennis court, with balls bouncing on the back walls.

I thought this year I would rearrange so that each different section of my room had a purpose. Continue reading →