A day after Hurricane Sandy tore through the east coast, I decided to pay a little tribute to the most amazing place on Earth, Dewey Beach, Delaware. I had been hoping and praying that my small beach town would stay safe from the storm, but those hopes were a bit too high. Today, I saw Dewey businesses posting aftermath pictures that broke my heart. I want to remember Dewey for everything that it ever was  . . . Continue reading →

Button Makers and Recipes

I am getting a button maker!

It is all I have been able to think about since yesterday when I decided that I wanted to make buttons for the yearbook staff. My creative was bubbling over with all the buttons I could make and hand out.  People still like buttons right? Oh and by people I mean little boys and middle schoolers on the yearbook staff.

If I could make a button right now, I’d make one for myself saying, “You Joined Boot Camp. Hooray!” or I’d make all my Number 1 listener stars into buttons . . .  100’s of them! Continue reading →

A Determined Engine and Courageous Caboose

I Think I Can

Topics Covered: Responsibility, Courage, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Responsible Behaviors

As I mentioned before, our Mater virtue for the month of October is Courage. I have been trying to incorporate a little aspect of this into all my lessons this month.

The thing I struggled with most was how to translate this into 6 year old language (a feat these 1st grade teachers deal with daily).

I decided to take a book that they are very familiar with and revisit it’s well-known message.

The Little Engine That Could . . . Continue reading →

Say You Are Sorry, And Mean It!

This is perhaps the single hardest thing to teach a child.

I have seen the scenario play out time and again, and I hate to say it, but as a teacher I was guilty of the same thing.

Teacher: “Say you’re sorry to Johnny.”

Adam: “Sorry.”

Teacher: “And Johnny, what do you say to Adam?”

Johnny: “It’s okay.” Continue reading →

I Really Am A Star

Investigating Feelings and Our Enthusiastic Me

A Kindergarten lesson introducing many different feelings, developing the understanding that feelings are not bad or good only our actions, and investigating how our enthusiastic me acts.

Because of our Number 1 listener lesson during small group, I decided to add in a little bit more of this (this as in listening skills) for the whole group (it’s my whole idea of reminders. . . eventually it sticks right?). Continue reading →